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Jim Starr | Medicare180

Jim Starr

President / Licensed Agent

I’m a Michigan native, having lived in both metro Detroit and in West Michigan. I graduated from Michigan State University. I’m a licensed agent in MI, TN, and FL.

When it comes to my experience, I’ve been in the disability management industry for 20 years. For me, it was a natural progression to get licensed as an insurance agent in order to assist Medicare-eligible individuals. What excites me most about what I do is having the opportunity to help make people’s lives just a little better. Being able to do that on any given day, is gratifying and I’m happy about that!

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy being outdoors with my family and friends. I love boating, long walks, working in my yard, playing with our dogs, or just having a beer with friends/neighbors. Something people might not know about me is that I’m a ‘closet inventor’, I’m always thinking of new world-changing products that I can come up with.

When it comes to volunteering, I have been supporting Hand2Hand ministries for many years. They do amazing work for children from low-income households by providing backpacks filled with food for them to take home on Fridays for the weekends – these are children who would otherwise go hungry.



Karen Starr | Medicare180

Karen Starr

Co-Owner / Licensed Agent

I’m a licensed agent in MI. November 2002 was when I started a medical and vocational case management company, Starr & Associates, Inc. In addition, I’ve worked as a vocational expert for Social Security for two years before deciding to become a professional medical representative.

In the past, I’ve been involved with the National Association of Disability Representatives for a number of years as a member, committee leader, conference presenter and most recently as a board member.

Michael McEntire

Michael McEntire

Independent Insurance Agent

I grew up in West Michigan and graduated from Rockford High School. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University.

I have recently started my career in the insurance industry, although I have been involved in the medical/mental health industry for 4 years. What most excites you about my work & the contribution I can make is the fact that I have always had a passion to help others in any way that I could. I pride myself in my industry and product knowledge. My focus is on providing the best care needed for each individual I have the privilege of working with.

On a more personal side, I am an avid football fan, and sports nut in general. My second passion is automobiles and anything with a motor. On weekends you can find me enjoying time with my beautiful wife, friends, and family. Depending on the time of year I am either with the guys watching the game or finding a mud puddle or rock to climb over with my Jeep. I am also a music fanatic! Most every minute of my day when I’m not talking to clients is spent with music in my ears.

I’ve worked in the non-profit sector for years with Pine Rest and Hope Network. I valued every minute of the time I got to spend with my clients.


Kimberly McColgan

Kimberly McColgan

I grew up on the East side of the state. I lived in Texas for about 7 years. Now West Michigan has been my home for 15 years.

Making it easier for people to navigate Medicare is what I enjoy most about working here. Helping people find the appropriate plan for them is very rewarding.

On a more personal note, I enjoy gardening, cooking and I love to quilt. My favorite way to spend the weekend is on the beach, estate sales or visiting family or friends. I’m also a big sweet tooth and I love Pilates. Go figure!

Our company is involved in Hand2Hand which provides kids in need with a backpack of food over the weekend when they are not in school. I volunteer at Feed America which helps those in our community access to food.




I’m Henry and I love working here at Medicare180! What I enjoy most about my position is greeting new people at the door and making them feel welcome.



Receptionist's Assistant

I’m Gibby, Henry’s special assistant. My duties consist of basically just doing whatever Henry does. I also enjoy making everyone in the office aware of weird noises on the premises.

Stop by our office!

 ps: I love a belly rub!

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